Many apps just don’t get the traction and discoverability they deserve. This is primarily due to the of lack of knowledge in proper product execution and app marketing. Our advisory team focuses on helping apps succeed by advising and mentoring the team in the following principles:

    User-experience, design and engagement strategy

    Refining the app experience to increase user engagement and retention.

    App discoverability and Virality tactics.

    Over 2 million apps, 3,000+ new per day. App Discovery is a key factor.

    Monetization & Gamification Strategy

    Coming up with a way to make money early on in the process.

    Our Story

    Appument Ventures is a private equity firm which does more than just provide financing for apps.

    We focus on advising, mentoring and investing into brilliant app ideas by setting them up for success.

    Our team has a proven track record of designing, launching, and marketing several hundred apps which have reached the top charts and have amassed several million downloads.

    Almost every app our team has touched turns into gold. Even in our worse scenarios we have acquired tens of thousands of users.

    Our Team

    Proven track-record of launching successful apps amassing millions of users, reaching TOP 25 in social networking, entertainment, lifestyle, games, and other categories on the Apple App Store.

    Helping you grow your user base, increase engagement and retention.